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Commercial Package

Code as an asset

In this day and age, source code is an essential asset of electronic businesses, just like machinery is to traditional ones. And much like you'd make sure that your machines are well-maintained and last as long as possible, your code deserves the same treatment.

By using staticcheck you can give your code an inspection and the oil change it deserves.

Continued development

Staticcheck is open source and free to use – but software lives off steady improvements. Especially in static analysis there's always a fancy, new check to add.

By paying for a commercial package, you invest in the continued development of tools you depend on and guarantee that its author can focus on it.

Unlimited use

Some static analysis tools are licensed based on the size of your team, or the number of computers you use the tools on. But that's annoying! Teams are flexible, people have several computers, and everybody in your team should use static analysis. That's why the commercial package has one price for everybody and applies to your entire company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get private support?

Once you have successfully subscribed to the commercial package, you and your employees can contact me at with all of your staticcheck related questions and I will respond to them in a timely manner.

Do I get a commercial license?

No. The commercial package only offers additional guarantees and support. The software itself stays licensed under an open-source license.

What software is included?

All tools listed in the readme of the git repository are covered.

With whom am I doing business?

You will be doing business with me, Dominik Honnef, the main author of staticcheck and Go consultant.

Everything else

Still have questions? Please email me at